Are Dental Implants An Extremely Painful Procedure?

Are Dental Implants An Extremely Painful Procedure?

Are dental implants painful? The answer to this question is in 2 parts: the procedure and the healing period.

The surgery is not necessarily very intense or excruciatingly tricky if done by a professional surgeon while under anaesthesia. However, recovery from such an invasive process may take some time before one feels like themselves again.

Are Dental Implant Procedures Painful?

The use of a local anaesthetic is to numb the area during a single dental implant procedure. The jawbone, which has no nerve endings, is unlikely to feel any pain or discomfort during implanting it into your mouth.

Even if you are undergoing full-mouth implants under general anaesthesia (where you sleep through surgery), then the possibilities are that you won’t experience any feelings of pressure and tingling at all because there’s nothing for nerves in bone tissue. One thing we can guarantee: You’ll have some great rest!

Is the Healing Period Incredibly Painful?

Dental implant procedures are typically not as painful as other dental surgeries. Your doctor will recommend an over-the-counter pain reliever. However, some patients report they do not need their medication at all.

Most people describe postoperative pain after a dental implant procedure as less than tooth extraction and say it is tolerable within three days. However, if you experience significant discomfort after 72 hours have passed or if your symptoms worsen, call for medical attention or schedule another follow-up appointment with your dentist right away.

What Can I Eat After Dental Implant Surgery?

For the first few weeks following a procedure, an implant recipient will be on a soft diet to allow their implants time for healing. A patient’s dietary restrictions include:

  • Soft fruits and vegetables like bananas or avocados (cut lengthwise).
  • Tofu cooked with broth instead of oil -Fish steamed in liquid or baked fish dishes that do not require chewing into large pieces.
  • Eggs poached, over easy, scrambled with no chunks of hard-boiled egg whites poking through stir-fries, etc.
  • Soups are also allowed as long as the meat is cut small enough, so it does not need force to break apart. Vegetables should only have visible seeds removed if needed for bread products.

Why Are Dental Implants So Successful?

Dentists have found that dental implants are so successful because they put the materials in place, use them to create a sturdy foundation on which to implant the teeth, and then find experienced surgeons with powerful skills. When these issues come together well, you get an almost perfect success rate as high as 98%.


Dental implants are not as painful a procedure as one might think. The pain experienced is short term and can be managed using medication most times. However, the patient must have sensible expectations about what to expect post-surgery before going through with treatment.

Layla Peck